Community Health Clinics

What We Do

Community Health Clinics PLLC, co-founded by William Cristo, MD., is a full service healthcare facility  located in Springfield, Massachusetts.  Our physicians are Massachusetts  Medical Doctors with years of experience in patient care and is now  providing Medical Marijuana recommendations to our patients.

Community Health Clinics’ team of medical  providers take the extra steps to ensure your care is focused on your  entire health care needs, through proper coordination of your care, and  follow up of your progress.

Community Health Clinics provides a  new and unique type of patient care.  Community Health Clinics’ approach  is that patients often have more than one issue of care.  Complex care  patients, with both systemic (physical) and psychiatric conditions,  require increased monitoring and coordination of care both in-house and  between medical providers.

Community Health Clinics is  developing cloud-based software that allows physicians with common  patients to coordinate and manage their patient’s care on a real-time  basis as well. 

With the new software, physicians will be able to  communicate by video conferencing, schedule meetings, converse with  patients and other providers real-time as well as with family members  and caregivers. In addition, doctors will be notified when patients miss  scheduled appointments, default on lab work, etc.  “We’re building a  Community of Providers”, Dr. Cristo states. “A Clinic in the Clouds.” 

Cristo  firmly believes his patients, including medical marijuana patients and  the entire medical marijuana program in Massachusetts would benefit from  the implementation and integration of his Community Health Clinics  model. “Our main focus is opiate addiction,” says Cristo.  “We are  providing real solutions to reducing the number of patients on opiates,  and with our software advantages, we can save lives.”

At  Community Health Clinics, we recognize that each and every one of our  patients comes from a different walk of life. We also recognize that  each patient possesses a different medical condition that drastically  varies from other patients. We vow to address any questions or concerns  that are brought forth our way.

Although we are located in  Springfield, Massachusetts, we extend our phenomenal patient services to  the surrounding towns and cities of West Springfield, Agawam, Chicopee,  Ludlow, Holyoke, Wilbraham, Westfield and Southwick, as well as the  entire state.  As a compassionate alternative healthcare facility, we  vow to respond to our patients’ inquiries in a timely manner, all while  being able to collaborate with other health car providers, and act as an  advocate for those in need to better promote general wellness for all  of our patients.