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Potsquatch-The Story

"Potsquatch" A Punch's Pilot


So Potsquatch lumbered out of hiding on February 9, 2017, looking for "edibles" to sustain him 'till Spring.  Instead, he found Jennifer Pagliei, and love was in the air, if only for a  fleeting moment...

Potsquatch Searches For Jennifer

Potsquatch returned to the same spot on March 14, during another Blizzard, but alas, it was not to be....


Potsquatch and Jennifer -Together Again

Potsquatch finally found Jennifer...at the Holyoke St. Patrick's Day Parade where they were  re-united.  This too, passed quickly, as the MA State Police were hot on his trail...watch out...he just may re-appear in your neck of the woods!


Potsquatch and Mary Jane's

In his search  for Jennifer, Potsquatch came across "Mary Jane Makes Your Heart Sing"... which was being forced to close it's doors, despite his efforts.

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